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Cloud Native Application With Scalable Architecture

For salesDNA, a growing startup company which assists their customers to increase sales revenue, DataGrokr built a cloud native application with scalable architecture. We built an intuitive web application with ample graphical information along with automated alerts to discover sales problems. Automated deployment pipelines helped the client to support their multi-tenant architecture easily. Leveraging the right AWS services combined with well architected framework, we ensured scalability and reliability of the application.


Snowflake Cost Optimization

One of our clients had migrated to Snowflake from a legacy platform. While the migration led to decreased overall costs, as they migrated more workloads they realized that they costs were scaling linearly. DataGrokr was asked to evaluate and implement various cost optimization opportunities utilizing Snowflake best practices. We were able to implement changes to optimal warehouse sizing, data compression, archiving and retention policies, task scheduling, usage of transient tables, etc. and helped realized monthly saving of more than $50K.


Modern Data Lake on AWS for CBR Sciences

DataGrokr built a modern data lake for CBR Sciences, a leading marketing analytics consulting organization that specializes in building models of customer behavior. The data lake ingested data from various third-party providers providing billions of transaction data and has a size of 45TB. The complete cloud infrastructure was built up by DataGrokr to PCI compliant security standards. The data lake uses various AWS data services for transforming and storing the data. Gitlab CI/CD pipelines are used for code deployment and orchestrating the data pipelines.


Data warehouse modernization: Teradata to Snowflake migration

We successfully executed a complex migration project for a top US grocery chain, transitioning them from an aging Teradata Enterprise data warehouse to a modern Snowflake-based cloud solution hosted on Azure. This endeavor involved managing a vast volume of data, numerous tables, and the conversion of legacy code. Our solution encompassed meticulous data analysis, schema design, data transformation, ETL development, automated script generation, and performance optimization.


Automated generation and deployment of hardened golden images

We helped a Fortune 500 organization with more than 400+ AWS accounts generate and distribute hardened security compliant golden images AMIs to all their accounts and regions. The solution creates 100+ variants of golden images across 15+ operating systems variants. The golden images ensure uniformity across the enterprise and help with mitigation of security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with security best practices.


AWS Cloud Governance and Security Compliance

We helped a Fortune 500 organization with more than 400+ AWS accounts govern and monitor their cloud resources to stay compliant with their security guidelines. The Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution continuously monitors changes in in AWS resources and assesses against the security and best practices controls. The solution has ability to automatically remediate resources if they do not comply with given controls.


AWS Cloud Migration of IOT based ship tracking platform

A leading provider of global maritime vessel tracking services wanted to migrate their vessel tracking system to AWS. Their existing vessel tracking system processed more than 500 million IOT messages per day. They wanted to modernize and migrate their platform to AWS and handle 3x workload. DataGrokr helped migrate their platform to AWS, rearchitected the solution, rewrote the data ingestion pipelines and designed a new IOT device registration framework using latest AWS IOT Core services to help them achieve their objectives.