Cloud adoption and multi-account organization setup

We helped a financial services organization setup all of their foundational elements of cloud adoption including setting up AWS accounts, Organizations and DevOps processes. The solution required implementation of AWS best practices for multi-account setup

About the Client

The client is a US based Financial Data and Advisory Company that serves leading financial institutions, payments providers, and retailers globally. They rely on competitive studies, predictive analytics, models, and advisory services to offer insights into their clients’ business status and strategic positioning.

Client’s need and Problem statement

Client has B2B customers each of whom requires complete isolation of resources and environments. They wanted a templated process for setting up new AWS accounts and still retaining those accounts as part of the AWS Organization to enforce security standards and consolidated billing. They also wanted a streamlined CI/CD process for deploying and monitoring resources across the accounts.

Tech Stack

Our solution and outcomes

  • We implemented centralized account management using AWS organizations, implemented Service Control Policies (SCPs) and consolidated billing for linked accounts.
  • Implemented access control measures including MFA, password policies, IAM groups, users and roles.
  • Automated creation of security groups, DynamoDB Records for cross-account, EBS encryption, and S3 block public access control. VPC and subnet setups based on IP range specification.
  • Automated Deployment Pipelines with GitLab for CI/CD.
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