Data Engineering

We believe data is an asset and its value has to be unlocked in a systematic fashion. Depending on the maturity of our clients in leveraging data, our projects range anywhere between building a data foundation layer all the way to embedding algorithms into operational systems for real-time decision making. We keep up with the latest soup of technologies emerging in the Big Data, NoSQL and Machine learning space, so our clients can focus on their business while we do the technology heavy-lifting.

Services We Offer

Data Discovery & Data Maturity Assessment

At DataGrokr we leverage our business intelligence to consolidate data from several databases and use it to build a robust single source. On the journey of Data Discovery, we collect data, identify patterns and use them to develop solutions. When it comes to Data Maturity Assessment, we don’t hold back either. By analysing existing data strategies, we uncover an organisation’s maturity level and provide quantitative measures.

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Data Modelling

Data modelling and the integration of all the data objects and sets into a database are critical to its success. The consultants at DataGrokr help enterprises achieve tangible results from their data, by combining the data with strategic digital solutions.

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Data quality Checks & Standardisation Services

The process of quality checks and standardisation consists of determining whether the data complies with the quality standards laid out by the organisation. In addition, it involves bringing the data into a common format. Research, analytics, and standardisation methodologies are all necessary for this intricate process.

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ETL/ELT framework

From raw data sources to well-organised data that generates insights, the data pipeline is what takes your data from raw sources to coherent and consistent. During this stage of the pipeline, DataGrokr uses both types of procedures developed for handling data. These are ETL and ELT.

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Data Ingestion

Analysing data is made easier by data ingestion. It involves transferring data from various sources to a single location. Databases, data processing systems, or data warehouses are common destinations. This is the place where it can be accessed, stored, organised, and analysed. By providing businesses with a holistic picture of their data, we aim to improve their operations.

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Cloud Scalability

Scalability refers to the ability of cloud computing to adjust resources to meet changing needs. The cloud’s scalability is the key to its popularity with businesses, and it is one of its hallmarks. At DataGrokr, we handle this for our clients.

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